White Hot Hair – why being grey no longer means having dull hair

“No, I do not have grey hair – I’m just growing  strands of glitter out of my head.”

As I approach 40 there are some things that I’ve learnt to accept – a few fine lines around my eyes are ok(ish), the decline in that ‘youthful glow’ I took for granted a while back is only to be expected after 4 busy children, and the fact that I never get asked for ID anymore is (sadly) par for the course.

grey hair

Me, rocking my pre-White Hot Hair experience

I first noticed the grey hairs a few months ago.

I was brushing my teeth at the time and spotted first one silvery hair, then another and before long I had lost count. What I found the most shocking was the fact that they were so long – I mean, I realise they hadn’t just appeared overnight but I was flabbergasted as to how they had been there for so long without me noticing.

Once I did see them, they became all I could see – does anyone know why grey hairs are so wiry and unruly? The rest of my barnet behaves in a controlled manner, well as controlled as can be when it’s curly, but these grey bad boys just do their own thing – mostly determined to stick out at a ninety degree angle to my head, almost shouting ‘Yeah, I’m grey – and what?’

Since then I have tried several shampoos and conditioners advertised as ‘working wonders for your grey’ but have failed to be particularly impressed with any. Until last week that is.

ShineI realise that I’m a bit slow on the uptake with this one, and that White Hot Hair is not a new brand – in fact there are many very satisfied customers that swear by their products, I’ve just never seen it before and only tried it for the first time a couple of days ago. I was incredibly impressed 🙂

I tried the Glorious Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner – both come in 200ml super stylish bottles and it was nice to see on the packaging that they are produced in Britain.

My hair is quite long, very curly and can be rather dry – oh, not forgetting the glitter strands too.

I would normally shampoo my hair twice but found that once was enough when I used the Glorious Shampoo. It smelled gorgeous, lathered to a good froth and left my hair feeling squeaky clean.

The Luminous Conditioner is very thick and, as with the shampoo, a little really does go a long way. I massaged it into the lengths of my hair and could tell straight away that it’s a great product.

The aroma reminded me of baby powder – in a good way, I’ve even had a few people asking me what I’m wearing on my hair as it smells so good 🙂

I rinsed with warm water and my hair was left tangle free and feeling fresh – but what about the glittery bits?

Well, once my hair had dried and I could see the results, I was so impressed that I passed them on to my daughter who is 17 and has bleached blonde/silver hair. She’s tried loads of products in a bid to keep her hair in good condition since dying it and was just as impressed me.

nat hair

My daughter and her shiny white blonde hair

She loved the smell and it left her hair much more manageable and conditioned than some of the other ones she’s tried – and that is saying something as she’s bought a shed load. Well, maybe not a shed but certainly a bathroom cupboard full 🙂

My hair was left soft, silky and smelling totally lush. The grey hairs are more lustrous and shiny – no more unruly, brittle protests, instead they have been replaced with what really does look like glimmering strands of glitter.

White Hot Hair are definitely on to something – it does exactly what it claims and left both of us with luminous, shiny hair to be proud of, what’s more none of their products are tested on animals and are paraben-free too 🙂

You can buy the shampoo, conditioner and much more direct from the White Hot Hair website or from Boots, both online and in-store.

*** Please note: White Hot Hair has not paid me for this review. They did generously offer to provide me with free samples of their products so that I could give them a try. All of my opinions about the White Hot Hair products are my own. ***

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