Police hunt killer dogs in Sale West



RESIDENTS of Sale West are fearful as two Pit bull dogs continue to roam around the estate unsupervised whilst killing and maiming cats at an alarming rate.

There have been reports of several cats being attacked by the two dogs with at least three being mauled to death in front of terrified witnesses.

One attack reported took place on the morning of July 19, where the dogs were seen “ripping a cat to pieces” next to the Brigadier Pub on Firsway, Sale.

There is growing concern as the summer holidays are due to begin this week, one resident said, “There are loads of children in the area and they will all be out playing in this lovely weather. It is only a matter of time until the dogs turn on a person, they are out of control and need stopping before it is too late.”

Another resident has spoken of her horror at discovering a dismembered cat paw on the grass near her home, “I can’t let my daughter out until they find these dangerous dogs, so many cats have gone missing recently and it’s just an accident waiting to happen.”

Both dogs are described as Pit Bulls, one is fully white and is possibly a male while the other is white and brown and believed to be female.

Despite both the police and dog warden searching the area the dogs have yet to be found.

The police are now appealing for help from the public and said, “Both dogs are Pit Bulls and are believed to be living on the Sale West Estate. We can only work off information given to us, please get in touch and tell us if you know who they belong to or where they are being kept.”

Information can be shared with the police, in confidence by calling Crime Stoppers or by contacting the station and officer direct on 66099@gmp.police.uk

In case of emergency please call 999

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wellfield top A

AFTER many years of buying school uniform from the one and only stockist in Sale I am thrilled to finally have a choice of shop for the coming school year.

More than once in the past I have arrived at the ‘only school uniform shop in the village’ so to speak, to find that they did not even have the sizes I needed to kit the kids out, one year the sweatshirts didn’t arrive until after they had gone back to school…

Needless to say I have continued to go and spend an astonishing amount of money each and every year, as have countless other parents, as there was no alternative. Not any more.

A new shop has opened in Sale Centre and stocks school uniform with one slight difference…..the price.

Fusion X designs are situated at 22 Town Square, next to Grainger Games and have recently been approved by several schools in the area to stock their uniform.

They will be supplying uniform for the following schools:

  • Wellfield Infant and Junior Schools
  • Park Road Academy, Timperley
  • Sale High School
  • Sale Grammar School
  • Springfield Primary School
  • Tyntesfield Primary School
  • Woodheys Primary School
  • Brooklands Primary School

I became aware of the shop opening when I received an email via the school parent mail system pointing out that there was ‘another stockist’ whilst also reminding me that the previous stockist has been established for a long time and offered quality uniform.

This seemed a little one sided and so I decided to go and visit the new shop myself, to view their stock and see for myself if quality had been compromised to cut costs or not.

Fusion X designs is clearly well stocked with a full range of uniform, well presented and easy to get to. The staff were very friendly and happy to show me an example of their uniform, namely a Wellfield Junior School sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt is spot on. It’s good quality fabric, perfect colour and has the school emblem on the left hand side in gold embroidery. Placed side by side with a sweatshirt from the other stockist it is virtually impossible to tell them apart. They are identical…..except the price that is.

A trip to the older, more established school uniform stockist for a Wellfield Junior sweatshirt will set you back between £13 and £16 depending on size.

The same top purchased from the new, recently approved and eager to get established stockist will cost you £9.50, whatever the size.

The choice is yours guys, nice to finally have one……

For more details or prices for your school uniform call into the shop, call on 0161 8794857 or email info@fusionxdesigns.com


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