Tories Shaft Trafford Parents With Huge Cuts To Education Budget…

With so much ‘non-news’ in the mainstream media it’s getting easier and easier for the government to slip dodgy legislation and questionable budget plans through the system with no-one being any the wiser until the either a new Orwellian law affects them directly or they start to feel the pinch of the (many) cuts. One of these budget plans that hasn’t had nearly enough publicity as it should is the Tory plan to cut £3 Billion a year from education spending by 2020. These cuts will have a dramatic affect on schools across the country – this is a look at what it will mean for several Trafford schools.


In these changing and increasingly competitive times, education should be at the very top of the list when it comes to budget priorities – after all, the pupils of today are the workforce, decision makers and changers of tomorrow. Our future literally depends on the skills we teach our children and future generations so you would think that investing in the education of our offspring is a non-brainer, more than ever in these uncertain Post-Brexit times where we are looking to create more ‘home grown’ talent than ever.

And yet they cut the education budget by the tune of 3 Billion Pound…

education-quotes-10Perhaps Theresa May is looking to grow a generation of low-skilled worker bees to fill the gap that will be left by the thousands of European workers set to leave the UK after facing the Brexit backlash from all angles. It has been well documented that, without the hardworking migrants that come to the UK to work, many jobs in agriculture, hospitality, construction and healthcare would be left short staffed and difficult to fill without them.

Something to think about next time you buy strawberries (picked by migrants), pick up a coffee from a shop (staffed by migrants) and drive on a motorway (built by migrants) on your way to visit a sick relative or loved one in hospital (cared for by a migrant).

Anyway, I digress – back to education.

In light of these proposed budget cuts, two educational unions, the NUT and ATL, have set up a website that makes it really easy to search either by postcode or school name to find out how your child/grandchild/niece or nephew will be affected – click to search website.

Please share this information far and wide – I’ve yet to see it in the news and time is running out to make a stand. Also, please email your MP with a request for them to take action on what is a very urgent matter – you can find out who they are by clicking here. 

If you live in Altrincham or Sale West your MP is Graham Brady and his email address is

If you are are a parent of a child either attending or expecting to attend Ashton on Mersey School, Sale Grammar or Sale High School, I suggest you sit down before reading any further…

First, how a few of our local Primary schools will be affected:

  1. Wellfield Junior Schoolwellfield-jnr

This Junior School will be faced with £18,711 budget cut, that is equivalent to £213 per pupil or the same as losing one teacher, equating to just 2% of their overall budget.

2. Wellfield Infant and Nursery School

Set to lose 5% of their overall budget is this gem of a school in Ashton Village, they face £35,893 of cuts which equates to £216 per pupil, or the loss of one classroom assistant. Knowing how this school works along with how proactive both the staff and governing body are leads me to think that this will be one school that still manages to achieve despite this latest round of cuts.

3. All Saints’ Catholic Primary School

Losing £49,125 from their budget, this will mean a difference of £170 per pupil or the equivalent of one teacher. This will be 7% of their overall budget.

4. St. Marys C of E Primary School

They are facing a 5% overall budget cut which is £42,292 or £170 per pupil – or the loss of one teacher.

5. Woodheys Primary School    st-margaret-ward

Although this school are only looking at a loss of £9,897, or 1% of their overall budget, it equates to £201 per pupil or the loss of 2 teachers.

6.  St. Margaret Ward Catholic Primary

Classed as Outstanding by OFSTED, this school is looking at a 6% cut in their budget, £354 per pupil, £48,456 or the loss of a teacher.

7. Tyntesfield Primary

Loss of 3% of their overall budget, Tyntesfield are expecting a £33,070 reduction in funds or the loss of a teacher.


If these figures have left you rattled, wait until you see what lies in store for our secondary schools – If you’re the parent of a pupil or prospective pupil at Ashton on Mersey school, Sale Grammar School, Sale High School  or Altrincham College of Arts you might want to sit down before you continue reading….

8. Ashton on Mersey School

Big school = Big cuts and they are facing huge ones at that. This overssubscribed and popular secondary school is facing a budget cut to the tune of £ashton-on-mersey-school844,579 or £639 per pupil. This is the equivalent of losing a staggering 22 teachers and is 12% of their overall budget.

9. Sale Grammar School

Another massive cut as this iconic school can expect £676,580 in cuts, 15% of their overall budget and equal to losing 17 teachers.

10. Sale High School

12% of the overall budget to be cut from Sale High, equal to losing 10 teachers or £711 per pupil as they seek to manage with a loss of £398,715.

11. Altrincham College of Arts

Previously known as Green Lane, ACA is looking at a 12% budget reduction – £570,542 or £763 per pupil.


Some tough decisions ahead for our schools and this is just a few of the many that will be affected by the proposed government cuts.

It’s not all doom and gloom – Park Road Primary, Firs Primary and Springfield are amongst the few schools not to be affected by the budget cuts.

However, if ALL our children aren’t getting the very best opportunities then where will our country be in another 20, 30 years time? Will we have a generation that are fluent in a language for a country they now need a visa to visit while lacking in basic employability skills?

Nelson Mandela famously said “Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world” – and yet we invest more in ‘defence’ year on year and seek to reduce our investment in education. Alrighty then…..

spending pie chart 2016.png

Looking at the UK spending it becomes clear where our priorities really lie and the biggest spend goes on ‘social protection’. Apparently this covers things like Tax Credits and other benefits paid to the public. Now I’m no accountant but how about we call to account the huge companies that are operating in the UK, making massive profits and paying a pittance to their staff?

If they paid a living wage to employees, then they wouldn’t need to rely on the government to top up their money in order to survive and the money saved could be ploughed back into education. Simples.

What do you think about the budget proposals for education? What should the government be investing in and who is going to pick our strawberries?

Get in touch with your thoughts…





Irwell Valley, ‘variable service charges’ and what you really need to know…

As some of you will be aware, Irwell Valley Housing Association are planning to implement an ‘Intention to vary your tenancy agreement and charge you a variable service charge’.

You’ll know this because they wrote to every tenant back in September, to ask your opinion and for feedback – but did you actually read the letter or just throw it in the bin?



I’m asking because, according to Irwell Valley, they received only 139 replies out of a possible 2580. That is just 5% of residents.

They also received a petition with 102 signatures on it. That’s 102 residents out of 2580 that currently live in property owned by the housing association.

It’s these statistics that make me think that perhaps you didn’t read that letter after all, if you had there would have been far more response from the letter in September and loads more signatures on the petition. That’s why I’m writing up this blog, to point out a couple of ways in which these changes will potentially affect you when they come in to effect on the 1st of April next year.

Firstly, Irwell Valley did ‘note and listen’ to all your responses and held a panel session in order to ‘review them in full’ – there were two resident board members present but at the time of writing I’m not sure who they are.

Either way, there were no comments relating to the variation in the tenancy agreement and they have decided to go ahead anyway, from April next year.

So, why are they introducing the charge? It’s because during a recent review it was pointed out that residents in Sale and Haughton Green weren’t paying for services that were being charged for in other areas and, to ‘ensure fairness’ they decided that you can pay it too.

At the panel it was raised that residents had queried what happens to the power generated by the solar panels on the high rises, as well as any income from the masts also on the high rises. Irwell Valley explained that the energy from the solar panels is used within the building to reduce the amount of energy used in communal areas and this will be reflected in the service charge to residents, although it will be negligible really. The income from the masts is not reserved only for the buildings they’re attached to – Irwell Valley say that this money is ‘used alongside rental income to invest in homes and neighbourhoods’.

Now for the really interesting stuff…

What exactly does ‘Variable Service Charge‘ mean anyway?  Each year Irwell Valley will assess how much they expect to spend on providing services, this means that the charge is estimated based on the previous year’s costs or estimated costs. At the end of the year you will receive a statement showing the actual costs and any over/under charges. The service charge will then be adjusted for the following year.

So, for the first year they will be working on estimates that could be quite reasonable. However, if there’s a spate of vandalism, houses being damaged, fencing being stolen or general stoopidity leading to damage, you can expect your service charge to go up and up and up…..

Interestingly, Irwell Valley say that the cost of the service charge could vary amongst similar properties – for example, looking at the blocks, ‘the number of repairs required to each block will change each year, e.g. one block could require 3 repairs to the door entry system in one year and another block could have no repairs, therefore the first block will have a higher service charge that year’.

In theory that could also mean various roads or sections of the estate could have differing charges – if you live in a patch that sees a lot of damage you could see a rise in your service charge. Hardly fair if it’s not you or yours causing the damage in the first place….

…which leads me to the next possible bone of

If you are in receipt of full housing benefit/universal credit the service charge will be covered by your benefits and you shouldn’t be required to pay any additional cost yourself. You do need to inform Universal Credit yourself as Irwell Valley won’t be doing so, but if you receive housing benefit you don’t even need to do that as they will inform them themselves.

However, if you are working full-time or not in receipt of the benefits above, you’ll be expected to pay it yourself on top of your rent.

I pity those that are out at work and not receiving benefits when they come home to find the kid up the road has damaged yet more property that will increase the Service Charge that their parents will be unaware of because they don’t pay it themselves…..

Maybe this is a clever ploy by Irwell Valley to get residents to stand up to the few that spoil it for the rest, after all, what better way to bring it to your attention and bring about a little community action than to hit you in the pocket.

If you feel you may have money problems paying your service charge you should contact the Irwell Valley Income Management Team as soon as possible on 0800 035 22 11 – they will be able to offer you confidential help, advice and support.

Once you get the letter in February 2017 with the full breakdown of charges, Irwell valley will be holding a number of surgeries to allow you to meet with an IV colleague on a one-to-one basis and discuss your individual circumstances.

To try n end on a positive note, here’s a list of all the services you can expect to receive from Irwell Valley – please let us know if they fail to meet any of them n don’t forget to take a pic and post it on SaleWestVoice 🙂

  1. Cleaning communal windows (blocks) – quarterly, in March, June, September and December
  2. Communal cleaning (blocks) – monthly and includes all ledges cleaned, nosing on stairs and bannister rails cleaned, sweep n mop all hard floors, dust, damp wipe of skirting, clean of internal fixtures n fittings, check on external door and light fittings for cobwebs and clean all internal door glazing.
  3. Communal Electricity (blocks) – you’re paying for it in your service charge so you can expect the communal area to be lit, warm and with a working lift.
  4. Lift Service Contract (blocks) – again, it’s included in the charge so you should expect to have a fully operational lift that’s maintained monthly.
  5. Repairs to Lift (blocks) – Irwell Valley have taken into consideration previous breakdowns etc so if there are more this year expect the charge to go up.
  6. Estate Maintenance (EVERYONE) – This cost is included in the service charge and is divided by the total number of properties on the estate. The service is provided by Greenfingers and Nurture and you can expect grass cut fortnightly throughout the growing season, kerb edges and fence lines kept neat n tidy, grass areas to be edged during the dormant season, weeds removed in shrub beds and on hard surfaces as well as all shrub and hedges to be pruned to a neat ‘hedge like’ appearance. Remember that fly-tipping issues and bin emptying will remain responsibility of Trafford Council.


Irwell Valley will also be charging a 15% management fee which is calculated by taking the cost of each service and multiplying it by 15% – this is ‘to ensure services are delivered to a high quality n provide value for money, the cost of working out the service charge and the cost of collecting said service charge. Funny times eh 🙂






 Last week it was reported in both the local and national press that there were more than 100 asylum seekers, including families, staying at the Amblehurst Hotel.

It was presented in a very negative light, despite the Messenger having several ‘more favourable’ quotes to choose from, sent by three local community leaders.

Around the same time this post appeared on Facebook, sparking over 100 comments…..

 Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 13.30.03

 I’ve spoken to the manager at Tesco in Sale and she is horrified by these slanderous allegations. Totally refuting these claims she said:

“ We have had a slight increase in pickpocketing but this is purely seasonal and is nothing at all to do with the asylum seekers. We have had no incidents reported in store and I will be speaking to all security staff in relation to this allegation. If it has been said then it’s wrong and will be addressed accordingly, if it has not then this post is both inaccurate and defamatory.”

 It was believed that the asylum seekers were originally from Romania and, with this in mind, I contacted a friend who is fluent in Romanian and we went to the Amblehurst to try and speak to some of the people staying there, in order to get their side of the story.

We arrived unannounced and managed to get in as far as reception. There is a security guard on the door who seemed very interested in why we were there, as was the receptionist who rushed towards us asking what we wanted.

I explained that we wanted to speak to some of the people staying there but it became very apparent that this wasn’t going to happen….

Passing me a business card she said: “Email the manager and if he decides he wants to speak with you he will reply…..”

At this point the security guard showed us to the door, and assisted us through it before we had chance to look around. I did however see that the bar area, on the right hand side near the front door, had been transformed into a playroom of sorts and there were quite a few children in there.

Since this failed attempt other information has come to light – as many of you will already be aware.

SERCO is the Government agency that deals with people arriving in the UK asking for asylum.

They have a marshaling facility in Liverpool and it is from here they make arrangements to disperse the ‘clients’ around the country whilst their claim for asylum is investigated.

They are currently running behind in these investigations and the group in Sale will probably be here longer than the 9 weeks reported.

This has been confirmed by another, reliable source who said it is more likely to be 20 weeks.

The Salvation Army have visited the families and donated some surplus toys that were “gratefully appreciated.” Many of the other local churches have also made contact with them and have offered support if needed.

There are 31 families, 104 people in total and they come from 15 different countries and speak a variety of different languages. It is understood that they have translation and legal support during their stay.

Asylum seekers are given a small allowance for personal expenses, sometimes this is in the form of vouchers.

They are not entitled to, nor do they claim unemployment/disability benefits or housing benefit. They cannot go on housing waiting lists and must live in asylum housing, as defined by the Government.

It would appear that the title Amblehurst ‘hotel’ is rather misleading, a more honest name would be Amblehurst Hostel as it has housed people on benefits for quite some time now. This has only become common knowledge with the recent publicity, and not thanks to the Daily Mail who depicted the hotel as premiership quality.

Please see some images from the Amblehurst that didn’t make the papers, seems they aren’t staying in the lap of luxury after all…..

 image copy image copy 3 Local people who have worked at the Amblehurst confirm that the standards had slipped a long time ago, the extension was uninhabitable when it was new and the general upkeep of the property was shoddy.

Rather different than the Mail would have you believe…

There has been much controversy surrounding SERCO and the treatment of asylum seekers, who incidentally were stripped of all tenants rights back in 1999, meaning they must stay in ‘asylum housing’ whilst their claim is looked at.

RAPAR (Refugee and Asylum Seeker Participatory Action Research) is deeply concerned about the current role and activities of SERCO.

 Allegations of inhumane treatment towards asylum seekers by SERCO are numerous, here are some other facts that may shock you..

 SERCO runs detainee escort services and electronically tag people seeking asylum.

 SERCO has been the subject of many claims of abuse and assault by the very people they are supposed to care for:

Testimonies by detainees, many of whom had fled torture, rape and destitution, have revealed that racial, psychological and physical abuse had often been inflicted by SERCO staffSERCO is also taking over the management of an increasing number of public services in the UK, such as health cetres and welfare programmes where it is accused of prioritising profit over quality of service.

There has since been a protest arranged that took place around midday on Sunday 15 Dec, where a small number of the community met outside the Amblehurst with placards saying “Shamblehurst”

 image copy 5Maybe they hoped that the asylum seekers would pack up and leave, head back to whatever horror they fled from. God forbid they settle here and maybe one day claim benefits or get a house.

What I find most strange is that the ones spouting figures relating to tax payers money are often the same people claiming benefits themselves, having paid either very little or no taxes at all.

 Seeking asylum is not a crime – being xenophobic should be

Let’s hope that none of us are ever in a situation where we seek the kindness of fellow humans and instead are faced with hatred and misunderstanding……

Here is the link to the Mail story…–costing-taxpayer-300-000.html

Useful numbers and bogus callers


I came across some useful contact numbers and thought they would be of use to other Trafford residents, please do pass on this information to anyone who isn’t on our group, SaleWestVoice.


Trafford Trading Standards……………….0161 912 1377

Trafford Care and Repair…………………….0161 873 8666

Age Concern………………………………………….0161 746 3940

CCTV control room for SaleWest………..0161 912 1111


The following numbers are to check whether the caller at your door is really from the utility company they say they are from:

Scottish Power……….0800 400 200 / 08452 700700

E-On…………………………0800 056 6278

N Power……………………0845 714 5146

United Utilities…………0845 746 2200

British Gas………………..0845 955 5404

Southern Electric……..0239 262 4050

Fire Service……………….0800 555 815 / 0161 736 5866

Talk Talk…………………….0870 087 2001


Telephone Preference Service….0845 070 7070

Mailing Preference Service……..0845703 4599



New name for Altrincham Foodbank



FROM the first of September 2013 the Altrincham foodbank will be renamed ‘Trafford South Foodbank’. This is to reflect the area they now cover, along with their new relationship with ‘The Churches Together in Sale’.

Since first opening in November 2012 the foodbank has fed over 780 people to date.


Trafford residents in crisis are referred to the food bank by various social care agencies across the borough. They are given a voucher which cwn then be exchanged for three days worth of food, with a maximum of three vouchers per crisis.

Anyone needing to use the foodbank is advised to visit one of Trafford’s Citizens Advice Bureaux to discuss their situation.

The foodbank is encouraging all Trafford GP surgeries and other agencies interested in holding vouchers to contact them via email to

There are now three foodbank distribution centres, the most recent opening in Sale West in June 2012. Other centres are open at St Albans, Broadheath on Wednesdays and Timperley Methodist Church, Stockport Road on Fridays. There is a further distribution centre planned for St Francis Church, Budworth Road, set to open in September.

For details of how to get involved or for further information please visit


Sale West Credit Union…The smart way to save


SAVING money can be difficult, especially when you are on a tight budget or have a young family. Sale West Credit Union offers help and support, as well as an affordable way to save and borrow money, for anyone living in the M33 area.

Management Board members and retired postmasters, Avtar and Gladys Diggwa both volunteer at Sale West Credit Union, Newbury Avenue, which has been established for almost 20 years.

The scheme works by offering a savings plan where money can be safely invested then, after 12 weeks, a loan can be taken out for twice the amount saved and paid back in low interest manageable payments.


They currently have almost 800 members and are keen to offer their service to more. Avtar, 68 said: “We encourage both thrift and saving and are happy to offer advice to anyone finding their finances a struggle.

“There has been an increase in demand for our services recently and we are hoping to open more branches as well as offer a crisis fund for those in severe need, in a bid to combat the pay day lender.”

The Sale West branch is open twice a week, Monday between 9.30 – 11.30am and again on Thursday evenings, from 7 until 8.30pm. There is also a collection office in Sale Moor and, with both planning for longer opening hours, more volunteers and investors are being sought.

For more information on saving with the Credit Union, or to volunteer please contact Avtar on 07802876318 or


Mission not-so Impossible for Sale Trio




THRILL seeking sisters Bella Forster and Sarah Bogart are back from their European Crumball Rally adventure, winning third place over-all and raising almost seven hundred pound for charity.

The girls were joined their mum, Chris Bogart, who stepped in when friend Kelly Johnson fell ill at the last minute.

The trio – from the Sale West estate took part in Crumball Rally, a three-day annual event driving from France to Prague in a customized Peugeot 206.

Raising money for three charities, the girls took part in the race called Mission Impossible, covering 1,500 miles and passing through four countries whilst completing a series of challenges.

Bella, 34, who lives on Chepstow Avenue, Sale said: “ One of the funniest challenges was when we drove through Switzerland dressed as Smurfs.”

Whilst in fancy dress the team had to navigate across The Stelvio Pass, which boasts the highest stretch of road in the Eastern Alps, it was here that they came across a fellow driver that had broke down.

Stopping to offer sandwiches and water, as well as replacing a faulty fuse, the girl’s kindness was rewarded when they finished the race and were declared overall third, for both best car design and team spirit.

Chris Bogart, 52 and grandmother of 19 said:  “It was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life, and I loved every minute of it.”

The girls are planning on returning to Crumball next year, in a bid to raise more money for their chosen charities.


Police hunt killer dogs in Sale West



RESIDENTS of Sale West are fearful as two Pit bull dogs continue to roam around the estate unsupervised whilst killing and maiming cats at an alarming rate.

There have been reports of several cats being attacked by the two dogs with at least three being mauled to death in front of terrified witnesses.

One attack reported took place on the morning of July 19, where the dogs were seen “ripping a cat to pieces” next to the Brigadier Pub on Firsway, Sale.

There is growing concern as the summer holidays are due to begin this week, one resident said, “There are loads of children in the area and they will all be out playing in this lovely weather. It is only a matter of time until the dogs turn on a person, they are out of control and need stopping before it is too late.”

Another resident has spoken of her horror at discovering a dismembered cat paw on the grass near her home, “I can’t let my daughter out until they find these dangerous dogs, so many cats have gone missing recently and it’s just an accident waiting to happen.”

Both dogs are described as Pit Bulls, one is fully white and is possibly a male while the other is white and brown and believed to be female.

Despite both the police and dog warden searching the area the dogs have yet to be found.

The police are now appealing for help from the public and said, “Both dogs are Pit Bulls and are believed to be living on the Sale West Estate. We can only work off information given to us, please get in touch and tell us if you know who they belong to or where they are being kept.”

Information can be shared with the police, in confidence by calling Crime Stoppers or by contacting the station and officer direct on

In case of emergency please call 999

Image courtesy of CreativeCommons and is for illustration purposes only.


wellfield top A

AFTER many years of buying school uniform from the one and only stockist in Sale I am thrilled to finally have a choice of shop for the coming school year.

More than once in the past I have arrived at the ‘only school uniform shop in the village’ so to speak, to find that they did not even have the sizes I needed to kit the kids out, one year the sweatshirts didn’t arrive until after they had gone back to school…

Needless to say I have continued to go and spend an astonishing amount of money each and every year, as have countless other parents, as there was no alternative. Not any more.

A new shop has opened in Sale Centre and stocks school uniform with one slight difference…..the price.

Fusion X designs are situated at 22 Town Square, next to Grainger Games and have recently been approved by several schools in the area to stock their uniform.

They will be supplying uniform for the following schools:

  • Wellfield Infant and Junior Schools
  • Park Road Academy, Timperley
  • Sale High School
  • Sale Grammar School
  • Springfield Primary School
  • Tyntesfield Primary School
  • Woodheys Primary School
  • Brooklands Primary School

I became aware of the shop opening when I received an email via the school parent mail system pointing out that there was ‘another stockist’ whilst also reminding me that the previous stockist has been established for a long time and offered quality uniform.

This seemed a little one sided and so I decided to go and visit the new shop myself, to view their stock and see for myself if quality had been compromised to cut costs or not.

Fusion X designs is clearly well stocked with a full range of uniform, well presented and easy to get to. The staff were very friendly and happy to show me an example of their uniform, namely a Wellfield Junior School sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt is spot on. It’s good quality fabric, perfect colour and has the school emblem on the left hand side in gold embroidery. Placed side by side with a sweatshirt from the other stockist it is virtually impossible to tell them apart. They are identical…..except the price that is.

A trip to the older, more established school uniform stockist for a Wellfield Junior sweatshirt will set you back between £13 and £16 depending on size.

The same top purchased from the new, recently approved and eager to get established stockist will cost you £9.50, whatever the size.

The choice is yours guys, nice to finally have one……

For more details or prices for your school uniform call into the shop, call on 0161 8794857 or email


Europe-bound for charity car rally

SISTERS Bella Forster and Sarah Bogart have teamed up with friend Kelly Johnson for the fund-raising adventure of a lifetime across Europe.

They are taking part in The Crumball Rally, a three day annual event where they will be driving from France to Prague in a customised Peugeot 206.

The race is called Mission Impossible, covers 1500 miles and passes through Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany.

mission route map

Raising money for three different charities, the artwork on the car reflects this with the creative colours and design.

Bella, 34, who lives on Chepstow Avenue, Sale said: “I support MIND and chose the jigsaw piece to symbolise how puzzling mental health can be. Sarah’s supporting Cancer Research with the pink bodywork whilst the blue represents Kelly’s choice of charity, The Alzheimer’s Society.

rally pic

They have already raised over £700 and have had lots of support from local business owners including J.Davidsons Scrap Metal Processors in Broadheath donating the car and a full tank of petrol whilst Quayside Bakery, Eccles are supplying them with bread and doughnuts for the journey as well as making a generous £300 cash donation.

The donated Peugeot 206 has a fabulous spray job, done by Sarah, 30 and the clutch has been fitted by mechanic student Kelly, 29.


The trio, who have six children between them, are eager to raise as much cash and awareness for their chosen charities as possible and welcome all donations, as well as advertising space on their car for business owners wanting to support the cause.

For more information, or to make a donation please contact Bella on 07825 642870 or email


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