We are hoping to raise £1500 in order to buy a specialist trike for Tyrese.

Tyrese will be 8-years-old at the end of the month and is a bright, outgoing and adventurous young man. He also has autism which was diagnosed when he was a toddler. Being very sociable, Tyrese has lots of friends at school and in the area where he lives. Like any other boy his age, he loves to play out and join in, he is really good at football, which is one of of his favourite games. Having autism means that Tyrese struggles with balance and finds it really difficult to ride a standard bike, like the ones his friends have. The school Tyrese attends has a few specialist trikes and he loves nothing more than to zip around the playground having a great time. We would like to purchase one of these trikes for Tyrese, so that he can enjoy the freedom and inclusion it gives him after school hours too – weekends and holidays would be ideal. 10149408_694634813915619_1008562764_n Living with his mum and two brothers in Lancashire, they have been quoted £1500 for a customised trike for Tyrese. This includes delivery and the trike would be adaptable for Ty as he grows but it is too much for mum to raise on her own…this is where you come in:) Please could you donate to #TrikeforTyrese using the Paypal link below… It only takes a minute, every penny counts and all the money donated will go to Tyrese’s Trust, an account set up to hold the funds until we reach the target and can order the trike. If you could share this post with friends and family it would be much appreciated, let’s get Tyrese the wheels that will make all the difference;) #TrikeForTyrese

We have set up a Facebook page where we are sharing fundraising ideas and generally brainstorming, please pop over and give us a ‘like’ here…. Trike for Tyrese on Facebook:)


There is also a JustGiving project page dedicated to getting a #TrikeForTyrese – Here is the link to donate now:)


Here is a short video of the Trike in action:)

Parents fundraise to give baby head start

DEDICATED Manchester parents Rebecca Drane and Anthony Leathley are holding a sponsored walk to raise money for HeadStart4Babies, after their youngest son, Ethan was diagnosed with plagiocephaly at just four months old.

Ethan teacup - use this one

Plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome is a condition characterised by an asymmetrical distortion (flattening of one side) of the skull. The condition will sometimes improve as the baby grows, but in many cases, treatment can significantly improve the shape of the baby’s head.


Treatment for plagiocephaly is a cranial helmet – not available on the NHS and at a cost of £1,950.

Anthony, 29 said: ” Babies should be a priority in the NHS regardless of what the condition is and how it affects them.

“The NHS class this as a cosmetic issue, but what is having bigger breasts or a straighter nose?”

Worn for 23 hours-per-day, for between three to six months, the helmet is made to measure by a company called Technology in Motion. Lightweight and adjustable, the helmet works by gently reshaping the baby’s head bones as they grow, allowing it to return to a more natural shape.

Rebecca and Anthony are keen to raise the money as soon as possible so that Ethan can begin the treatment they say dramatically helped his brother, Mason who was also diagnosed with plagiocephaly as a baby.

As a baby, Mason’s condition meant that his head was mis-alligned by 18mm, classed as severe in plagiocephaly terms. Fundraising for treatment, Rebecca organised a social night at Sacred Heart Parish Centre and the couple also received a generous donation from HeadStart4Babies.

Mason was fitted for a cranial helmet and, over time, the mis-allignment of his head has been reduced to a barely noticeable 3mm.


Fundraising for Ethan to be fitted for a helmet is underway and the proud parents have organised a sponsored walk.

On October 19, 2013, they will meet at Wythenshawe Hall at 10.30am and plan to walk to Manchester Airport, raising both much needed funds and awareness. All are welcome and the couple are hoping to reach their target of £1950, the cost of a cranial helmet.

If Ethan doesn’t have the treatment he needs he may develop further disfigurement to his face and this can also lead to learning difficulties later in life.

Rebecca, 24 said: ” It is awful that the NHS don’t help children like Ethan with their treatment as it’s very difficult for families like us to raise this amount of money.

“We are determined that Ethan will get the treatment he needs. I couldn’t live with myself if his condition was left untreated and got worse, and then had to be corrected when he is too old for a helmet. This would mean him having an operation, which if we can avoid, we will no matter what it costs.

“Ethan is such a happy baby and he always has a smile on his face.”

For more information on plagiocephaly and the support offered by HeadStart4Babies visit the website at

To help with Ethan’s treatment please go to Rebecca’s JustGiving page, every donation appreciated.

Caring youngsters walk 35km for charity


WHILST most of us were relaxing this Sunday, a team of four Sale children completed an incredible challenge to raise money for The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.

They joined together at the beginning of the summer holidays to begin fundraising and have already surpassed their own target of £200 with plans to raise even more in a variety of innovative fundraising events.

The four youngsters, three of which live on Exmouth Road, completed 250 laps of the cul-de-sac – an amazing 21.1 miles or 35km.

The walk took 8 hours, 47 minutes and 42 seconds.


Determined to complete the whole distance they completed the challenge despite some minor injuries along the way.

Best friends, Molly Nugent and Emily Marshall, both 10-years-old, decided to raise money for the charity as Emily’s mum, Nicki was diagnosed with the painful disease twenty years ago and the girls wanted to help others in the same situation.

During a sleep-over Molly and Emily discussed ways in which they could raise money and awareness for RA and decided to support the great work offered by NRAS.

Emily said: ” We don’t like to see anyone in pain, especially my Mum. No-one should suffer with the pain caused by this disease and we want to raise money to help people with RA, and to find a cure.”

They were joined by Emily’s cousin, Dani Heywood, 12 and neighbour, Luke Weader, 10-years-old, to become a determined team of four.

Dad even helped out and manned the refreshment table, as well as marking off laps on a very large tally chart.

1174907_10151872098334579_675384374_n   1150845_592642080781560_61591057_n

As a team they organised and hosted a table top sale, selling home-made lemonade, cake and biscuits at a bargain price of 20p each.

Ingenious Emily even began to charge people to enter the house and between them they raised just over £14.

Next up was the sponsored walk, Molly had suggested they do 500 laps of Exmouth Road originally but fortunately their parents thought this sounded rather a lot and it was agreed they would do 250 laps.

This turned out to be a good decision as when Graham, Emily’s Dad, measured the distance of a lap it transpired that 250 would actually total over 20 miles and would obviously take quite some time…

Around the 18 mile point the girls began to struggle, Molly had pulled a muscle and Emily’s feet were swollen. Asked if they wanted to stop the walk Emily replied: “People with RA suffer pain everyday, they can’t just walk away from it. I am going to finish this walk for Mum and others like her.”


Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is a chronic, progressive and disabling auto-immune disease, affecting 690,000 adults in the UK. It is a systemic disease, which means it can affect the whole body and internal organs. RA is more common than both multiple sclerosis and leukaemia although it often is misunderstood as they do not get much publicity.There is currently no known cure.


Nicki, 39, said: “Support from the community was overwhelming. Most of the cul-de-sac were out cheering the children on and I am so proud of all four of them.”

Diagnosed at 19, Nicki has struggled with the pain of RA for many years. Through lack of publicity there are many misconceptions about this disease.

Nicki has agreed to the following pictures to be shared for the first time, in a bid to raise awareness of the reality of living with RA and to dispel the ignorance that sadly surrounds this misunderstood disease that could affect any of us at any time…..



The team are now busy planning a fundraising tea party, to be held during the last week of the summer holidays.

The tea party will be held on Exmouth Road and there will be refreshments and delicious home-made cakes for sale.

Tickets for the event are priced at £3.00 for adults and £1.50 for children, numbers are limited and early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

For tickets or to offer a donation to the tea party, please contact:

Donations can be given direct to the teams chosen charity, NRAS, via

For more information on Rheumatoid Arthritis see The NRAS website.


Polycystic Kidney Disease…Fundraising and Awareness


PROUD parents James and Jo Gray are holding a fundraising raffle to raise money for research into Polycystic kidney disease after their son, Isaac was diagnosed with the illness at three-months-old.

Following concerns during pregnancy Isaac spent the first week of his life in intensive care before his condition was identified and the couple were told that it was a hereditary illness, meaning there was a fifty percent chance any future children would be affected too.

baby Isaac             Isaac Gray

Polycystic kidney disease, or PKD, is characterised by numerous fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys and often the liver and pancreas. Over time, the cysts grow and multiply, replacing normal healthy tissue and causing the kidneys to lose their function. Kidneys can enlarge to 3 to 4 times their normal size.

PKD is at present incurable. There is no treatment that will stop the cysts developing and growing. The primary focus is on managing the symptoms. However, a number of drugs are currently being trialled around the world aimed at slowing the decline of kidney function, giving future hope of an improved quality of life for those affected and their children.


Mum Jo, 27 has set up a just giving page for donations, as well as a Facebook page with details of the charity raffle taking place at Ashton on Mersey Golf Club, which is close to the family home.

Talking of her fundraising plans, Jo said, ” Raising money and awareness turns a situation that could be negative into something more hopeful. The more money raised, the more research that can be done and the bigger the chance that a cure or treatment will be found.”

Tickets for the event are selling out fast and donations for the raffle are welcome.

Local businesses to offer prizes so far include Natural Beauty, Treehouse Crafts, Daly’s Restaurant, Silverblades, Hair by Danielle, Bean and Brush, Agape Bride, Manchester Made, Nail and Beauty Clinic, RAN personal training, Ithaca Hair and Ashton On Mersey Golf club.

James and Jo would also like to thank Wedding Day Photography for the use of a photo-booth as well as The Window Company for their generous donation towards the buffet.

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