So it would appear that the UK has taken Amazon to heart, we have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and political parties get the ‘hate’ vote.


Amazon – Internet Retail Giant we Appear to Love

London ad agency, isobel, has conducted some timely research to establish the UK’s most loved (and unloved…) brands.

The survey, conducted in association with OnePoll, polled 1500 UK consumers (18+ and nationally representative), asking them to identify brands against a number of ‘love’ characteristics. The survey also asked respondents to identify those brands, if any, they hated.

Heinz - nation favourite

Heinz – nation favourite

Surprisingly, Amazon, the internet retail giant, is the UK’s most-loved brand polling almost half of the votes (48%); the next three places are taken by food stalwarts Cadbury, Walkers and Heinz with BBC1 demonstrating national affection in 5th.

The rest of the top 10 is occupied by Google (6th), Kellogg’s (7th), retailers Boots and Tesco (8th and 9th respectively) with ITV, the UK’s oldest commercial network, taking 10th spot.

Commenting on the Top 10, Paul Houlding, Managing Partner, isobel said:

“It would seem that longevity works wonders for most. All, bar two of the top 10, predate the 1960’s – with top honours going to Cadbury (1824). Affection, it seems, has been hard won. But it’s not just about affection, it’s about relevance and usefulness and what better proof of that formula than Amazon and Google. Brands that are useful to us, brands that make our lives easier, brands that do what they promise. The question is, can they keep it up? 170 years from now will they have been as resilient as Cadbury?”

With a general election less than three months away the UK’s political parties are firmly under the spotlight and keen to curry favour with the electorate.

However, the isobel Brand Love survey has revealed that the main political parties are amongst the most-hated brands in the UK.

UKIP, the controversial independent party, has been identified as the UK’s most hated brand polling almost one-third of the votes (30%) – closely followed by the Tories in 2nd place (27%) with Labour in 5th and the Lib Dems 6th.

The Top 10 ‘unloved’ brand list is completed by Marmite (3rd), Ryanair (4th), McDonalds (7th) and Starbucks (8th) with Facebook and KFC taking the last two

Love it or hate it?

Love it or hate it?


“It will come as no shock to anyone (least of all the politicians themselves) that the political parties are all in the same unloved boat” says Paul Houlding “but will it concern them? When it comes to polling day are we voting for the party we love or are we voting for the party of most use?”

Are we beginning to fall out of love with Facebook and Twitter?

The research has revealed that the UK has a love/hate relationship with Facebook, the social media giant.

The site, that has over 1 billion active users, polled 27% of the votes to take 15th place in the love stakes but also hit the hate highs with a top 10 ‘hate’ ranking of 9th.

Twitter has also failed to impress in the love stakes polling only 11% of the votes in 65th – one place ahead of Vodafone and two behind NatWest.

Paul Houlding said: “Social media changes by the second and consequently so does our relationship with it. Facebook, the one time newbie, is now the granddaddy. And there is the suggestion that we’re suffering from Facebook fatigue. Is it as exciting? Do I still need it or want it? And with cyberbullying and privacy issues an ongoing concern – perhaps it’s a social media platform we’re beginning to fall out of love with?”

Key findings:

· Gender divide: men vote for Walkers, women for Cadbury.

· Aldi makes the top 20

· BA takes top airline love honours with easyjet in 2nd – beating Virgin Atlantic in 3rd. Ryanair fails to show the love.

· Audi voted the UK’s most-loved car brand.

· Apple, which consistently tops consumer polls, disappoints in 35th place.

· Nationwide is the most-loved financial institution (44th) – one place behind Persil.


1 Amazon

2 Cadbury

3 Walkers

4 Heinz

5 BBC1

6 Google

7 Kellogg’s

8 Boots

9 Tesco

10 ITV



2 Conservatives

3 Marmite

4 Ryanair

5 Labour

6 LibDems

7 McDonalds

8 Starbucks

9 Facebook

10 KFC


The University of Salford Journalism Awards 2014

The much anticipated University of Salford Journalism Awards 2014 took place this week and was a fantastic success, thanks to the months of hard work by the dedicated team bringing it all together. Hosted at MediaCityUK, the event was very well attended, including several industry professionals, University staff and students.

I attended with my good friend Matt who, being the perfect GBF, looked and smelt absolutely wonderful. After much debating I opted for a floor length evening dress and heels – the dress was spot on but the shoes nearly killed me, I ended the night both jubilant and barefooted.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 17.31.02

Everybody was dressed to impressed and, with plenty of time for networking, we managed to having a quick drink from the bar (to steady the nerves of course) and a nibble from the complimentary buffet which was both vegetarian friendly and warm 🙂

The University’s School of Arts and Media Festival was also running on the same evening and the atmosphere was buzzing, with plenty to see and do, as well as a live performance by talented singer Lucy Logan.

At 7pm we were ushered down the red carpet and into the Digital Sound Lab, which had been transformed into an ‘Oscars style venue’, complete with spot lights and big screen.

Inspirational speech by Richard Frediani

Inspirational speech by Richard Frediani

The event began with a very inspirational talk by Richard Frediani, programme editor at ITV News at 6, where he discussed the rise of social media and the impact this has had on the industry.

And then it was time for the awards themselves…

Best TV – The first to be announced was best TV, presented by Michelle Mayman – Editor of BBC North West Tonight, Executive Producer of Sunday Politics NW and also Late Kick Off NW.

The nominees : Alec Herron, Emily Burgin, Fizah Tahir, Sophie Dulson.

Winner: Sophie Dulson

Best Print – This was presented by Richard Moriarty – Deputy northern

Chris Riches and Richard Moriarty

Chris Riches and Richard Moriarty

news editor for The Sun and Chris Riches – NW Correspondent for The Daily Express.

The nominees: Eleanor Lees, Emily Howlett, Taaliah Nazar, Will Moorcroft.

Winner: Taaliah Nazar

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 21.21.01

Yes I am delighted:)

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 21.28.19

Dave Lafferty

Best Online – Presented by Dave Lafferty – Communities Editor at the Manchester Evening News.

The nominees: Alec Herron, Fiza Ikram, Liam McCallion, Rachael Heslehurst.

Winner: Fiza Ikram

Best radio – Presented by Heidi Dawson – Editor at BBC Radio 5 Live

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 21.31.49

Heidi Dawson5 Live

The nominees: Armen Haczmarian, Dan McLaughlin, Kate Berry, Sophie Whitfield.

Winner: Dan McLaughlin

As our good friend Dan was in Ireland he was sadly unable to accept his well deserved award. Never fear though, Matt stepped in and did a fine job of accepting it on his behalf – nice one Matt:)

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 21.50.11

Martin Hamer

Best sports piece – Presented by Martin Hamer – Senior broadcast journalist at BBC Sport

The nominees were: Helen Rowe-Willcocks, Simon Rowbotham, Siobhan Maguire, Will Moorcroft.

Winner: Will Moorcroft

Best journalistic blog – Presented by Liz Hannaford – Digital

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 21.52.16

Liz Hannaford

Journalism tutor at Salford University.

Nominees: Jabeen Akhtar, Jack Howson, Sumaira Hussein.

Winner: Jabeen Akhtar

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 21.54.53

Elaine Willcox

Best mobile reporting/social media – Presented by Elaine Willcox – ITV News correspondent and presenter.

Nominees: Dominika Piasecka, Fizah Tahir, Kate Berry, Sam Rosbottom.

Winner: Fizah Tahir

Best 1st year submission – Presented by Andrew Lindsay – tutor, BBC and

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 21.56.42

Andrew Lindsay

ITV correspondent and Quays programme editor

Nominees: Bradley Harris, Carlie Foster, Dominicka Piasecka, Siobhan Maguire.

Winner: Carlie Foster

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 21.59.29

Caroline Cheetham

Best 2nd year submission – Presented by Caroline Cheetham – Tutor, BBC 4 and BBC 5 Live radio superstar.

Nominees: Antonia Hunter, Jayna Patel, Penny James, Taaliah Nazar.

Winner: Taaliah Nazar

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 22.02.23

Receiving my award from Caroline

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 22.17.39

Dave Randles

Best 3rd year submission – Presented by Dave Randles – Tutor and former sports correspondent for the Liverpool Echo.

Nominees: Fiza Ikram, Fizah Tahir, Sophie Dulson, Sumaira Hussain.

Winner: Fizah Tahir

Best postgraduate submission – Presented by Programme editor of ITV news – Richard Frediani.

Nominees: Isobel Greenfield, Matt Tate, Simon Rowbotham, Sophie Whitfield.

Winner: Isobel Greenfield

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 22.19.33

Paul Broster

NCTJ Highest achiever – Presented by Paul Broster – Associate Director of Journalism at Salford University.

Winner: Hannah Al-Othman

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 22.21.46

Martin Dougan

Scoop of the year – Presented by CBBC Newsround presenter – Martin Dougan.

Nominees: Emel Chaush-Kavaloglu, Kate Berry, Rene Bissohong, Taaliah Nazar.

Winner: Rene Bissohong

Eddie Lowey Award – Presented by Richard Fredini

Winner – Cassandra Ward

A special mention is deserved for Bradley Harris – First year student who greeted us with a hilarious voice over as we entered the Digital Performance Lab, Tom Short – Comedy and Performance student as well as Sam Smith who is a MA Scriptwriting graduate and entertained us with an amusing break from the awards that included attempting to embarrass Richard Moriarty….never a good idea to try this with a journalist and he quickly

turned the joke around, raising more than a chuckle from the crowd:)

Lucy Logan

Lucy Logan

Also very entertaining on the night was Lucy Logan, a photography student who had travelled from Ireland in order to perform her debut performance. Singing a soulful acoustic cover and one of her own, original songs, Lucy really was lovely and has an amazing voice.

The award ceremony was covered by both Shock Radio and Quays TV, with the event being organised by a small team of dedicated students from across a variety of courses and disciplines. Given £2000 from Eddie Lowey’s Lady Monica Cockfield Memorial Fund, they used the cash to stage the awards, which awarded  winners a certificate and cash prize of £75.

More exciting than the Oscars...

More exciting than the Oscars…

I had a fantastic evening and am totally thrilled to have won two awards, Best Print and Best Second Year Student.

happy times

happy times

I’ve wanted to be a journalist for as long as I can remember but life seemed to have other plans and, after finishing school without sitting my final exams, I thought my chance had gone.

Fast forward over 20 years and now, as a mum of 4 and aged 38, I am delighted to say that hard work does pay off and it is never too late to fulfil your dreams.

I went back to college and got my GCSE’s and, after meeting a fantastic woman called Mimi who inspired me to believe in myself, I applied for university. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I will be forever grateful to her for our late night chats and enduring friendship.

I will be going into my third year at Uni this September, to finish my BA in Multimedia journalism and who knows what the future will bring from there. One thing is for sure though, I will be the one in the corner, writing for a deadline…:)

Here is the full Journalism Awards 2014 video….:)

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