PARENTS were once again left feeling shocked and disappointed as it was revealed that Wellfield Junior School, of Dumber Lane, Sale is facing the possibility of becoming a forced academy.

Despite making positive improvements across all year groups in a very short space of time, John Tomlinson, acting head, was visibly saddened to share this latest blow with parents at a  meeting to discuss the impact of the recent Ofsted inspection that labeled Wellfield as inadequate.

Changes made already have included an adjustment to the school timetable, meaning the children now benefit from a short break mid afternoon, which Mr. Tomlinson says has had far reaching results already.

The teaching system has been tweaked with focus on much sharper lessons,  links have been developed with a local outstanding school and there is evidence of this paying off in the outstanding work being produced by the pupils.

But are the changes too little too late for Wellfield?

The fact that academy assessors have already been into the school is proof that the Government is flouting its own guidelines, which state that academy status should only be considered for schools with long histories of poor performance.

One parent pointed out, “What is the point of Ofsted giving a notice to improve if the school is not given the chance to implement the changes, it’s like they have already decided the outcome..”

Speaking to Rhonda Evans, founder of Academies and Lies, it would appear that the parent concerns are with good cause, Rhonda is campaigning for greater awareness of the right to fight in this situation, a situation seemingly growing by the day as more and more schools get caught in the net known as forced acadamisation.

Watch the official trailer for Academies and Lies, a short film made by Rhonda which uncovers some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding Academy status and what this really means for our children and their education.



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Very interesting. Although I live in the U.S. I will have to check this out for the sake of curiosity.


    Thanks for the feedback, do you have the same issues in America?


      Actually, it’s almost the opposite, in a way. In order to improve student performance in schools, the government–federal and state–will impose certain standards that schools are expected to meet. This will put a high amount of pressure on all educators, from principles to teachers, and to students as well. Every few years the government will find some genius idea to implement into schools, giving teachers a ton of unnecessary work. Even so, all of the curriculum changes and whatnot don’t really help anybody. They waste teachers’ time and they put unnecessary pressure on students. Hopefully that gives you a little idea of what it’s like. I’m sure you can find plenty of people griping about it on the internet though, haha.


      Wow that sounds as grim as our forced academy situation. It is not good, all this meddling with our childrens education can only have adverse effects. Seems it all comes down to money at the end of the day, that is the same whatever part of the world you live in:) What part of America are you based in? I am in Manchester, England.


      Very true, it does seem that money is the ultimate motivation. I live in upstate New York. Oh, and this may be of interest to you:


      Wow, great link thanks. I do like the Huffington Post, makes for a good read….:)


Haha, you’re welcome. I hope you find it good.


Anti academies alliance March 25, 2013 at 11:35 am

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